Accomplished Athletes Get Appreciation from the Government Again

Sumber Gambar: Kemenpora

The government does not seem to stop paying attention to the well-being of athletes in their sport. This time, several athletes and sports administrators competing to defend Indonesia in the international arena again get bonuses from the government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports. A total of 110 accomplished athletes, coaches and assistant coaches have received appreciation for spurring other athletes to excel in the name of the country.

Quoted from Detik Sport, a total of 5 billion are prepared as government appeals to Indonesian sports people. Those who received appreciation are given to Indonesian athletes and coaches in the ASEAN Autism Games 2018 and the Asia Pacific Deaf Badminton 2018, U-16 national football team, U-19 national football team, and FFOSSBI team competing in the Under-14 Singa Cup. In individuals, awards are given to weight lifters Sri Hartati, weight lifters at the Youth Olympic Nur Vinatasari, chess player Samantha Edithso, and eight riders at the 2018 Asian Road Race Championship.

As a token of gratitude and appreciation from the government to its citizens, Imam Nahrawi as the Ministry of Youth and Sport also aimed at another goal of giving this appreciation. The government wants, so that the achievements of these athletes are an inspiration for children to be interested in achieving in the field of sports.

“We see that young athletes are able to make Indonesia famous in various international events. So for the future, early age coaching is important. It is necessary to encourage the existence of tiered sports competitions for various age groups. Because good competition, is the beginning of a good sporting achievement, “said Menpora Imam Nahrawi, in the Kemepora release on Thursday (12/06/2018).

For the government, this is a form of appreciation that is received by athletes. In addition to this, some athletes who excel at the Asian Games 2018 have the opportunity to have a career as civil servants.


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