Athletics Choose to Focus SEA Games and the Olympics

Sumber Gambar:

The Indonesian Team’s athletic trainer in the sprint number, Eni Nuraeni, is still waiting for the decision of the Great Indonesian Athletics Association (PASI) for the protocol and health standards in sports, in the new normal or new normal era.

Responding to the new normalcy, it is planned that PB PASI will hold a large meeting on 3 June. It is also considered necessary to be done immediately, bearing in mind in the study of the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy, it was mentioned if in the third phase of the new normalcy, or as of June 15, that outdoor sports could be carried out with due regard to health protocols.

However, in Eni’s view, if Pelatnas can be rolled back later, it is likely that it will only involve athletes who are projected to go to the Olympics and the 2021 SEA Games.

“It depends on the situation (the matter of the athletes being called back to national training). Indeed there will be a new normal but whether later we can practice with conditions like this, because Jakarta is among the most severe, the danger is also gathering children in one place, “Eni said, as reported by the mayor.

“Maybe later it was chosen that was projected for the Olympics and the 2021 SEA Games first. For teenagers and juniors, they don’t know where the competition is either. So it was requested in the area first, “he continued.

For information, the Covid-19 pandemic is the cause of the athletic Pelatnas held at the Madya Stadium to be stopped since last March. All athletes were returned home. Even so, the team of athletic trainers still pay attention and supervise Lalu Zohri et al, by continuing to provide an intense training program, even though the athletes are only at home.


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