Athletes Can’t Go Home, PABSI Holds Ied Prayer at Pelatnas Locations

Sumber: Tribun News

The Executive Board of the Indonesian Weightlifting Association (PB PABSI) made the decision, that all lifter who are now joining Pelatnas will undergo Id prayers at the Kwini National Pelatnas location. Because, the athletes are still undergoing isolation until an uncertain time.

Ahead of Eid al-Fitr, the government has given two policies aimed at the public. First, about the prohibition of going home, which has been done since 24 April. Then the second is a matter of fatwa from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) ..

MUI has made provisions in the implementation of Id prayers at home on the upcoming Idul Fitri. Prayers can also be held in congregation in the fields, mosques and prayer rooms on condition that the area be free from Covid-19 on 1 Shawwal 1441 H.

“We have agreed that the children pray Id in the mess. So do not go home. We make it ourselves and later lead the coach,” said team manager Alamsyah Wijaya as reported by detikSport, Sunday (05/17/2020).

“The problem is that it is terrible because we cannot guarantee its safety (if returned home) and until now there are still large-scale social restrictions. Because we are returning home and we are from the red zone, we will still be quarantined for 14 days.

Even so, PABSI will still provide space for lifter parents to be able to visit the mess, but of course it is obligatory to obey all health protocols that have been set at the National Training Center Kwini, Kwitang.

“May (parents come) but must follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). That is, there are no chips, sit facing 1.5 meters apart, wear a finished mask. Because we do not know what is encountered, unless the vaccine has met and proven to cure. It may, “he said.

Finally, PABSI has also confirmed the schedule of holidays for all athletes, coaches and officials. Namely on 21 to 26 May.


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