Team Indonesia Remains Protected by BPJS Employment even after Asian Games Has Finished


As an Employment Social Security Organizing Agency, BPJS Employment will continue to provide protection to all Team Indonesia Athletes and officials who have participated in all series of matches at the Asian Games. This was stated directly by the Director of Strategic Planning & IT BPJS Employment Sumarjono during his visit to visit Hevrilia Windawati, an Indonesian Judo athlete who was injured while competing at the Asian Games and had just finished undergoing surgery at Husada Utama Hospital, Surabaya (27/09).

Hevilia suffered an injury while playing against Kim Seongyeon (South Korea) in the elimination round 16 (08/30). Her left knee was twisted and crushed by the opponent, causing a sound during the incident and causing her knee to swell, unable to bend and she has to undergo surgery in order to resume to her normal activities.

Sumarjono said, “All Athletes in the Team Indonesi are registered as BPJS Employment participants and are still under protection, so even though the Asian Games are finished, we will still be protected as BPJS Employment participants. Like Hevrilia who had undergone surgery yesterday, we will bear all the medical expenses until she heals according to any medical indications at all costs and this is one of the benefits of the BPJS Employment Accident Assurance Program (JKK).

In addition, care and treatment services for athletes cannot only be done in Jakarta. But it can be done in the area closest to the domicile of the athletes and official. This is because the BPJS Employment has a network of Work Accident Service Centers (PLKK) in all regions of Indonesia, Sumarjono added.

JKK also has benefits in the form of Temporary Benefits of Unable to Work (STMB) which is a substitute for wages or salaries every month as long as the victims undergo treatment. In addition, if there is a disability, the BPJS Employment is also ready to provide compensation based on percentage of disability, psychological training and job training through the Vocational Training Center to ensure participants get training and assistance until the person returns to work after the incident. Through the program that we call the Return To Work, it can help athletes re-achieve post-treatment and recovery. Besides JKK, we also have other protection programs, Jaminan Hari Tua(JHT-Old Age Insurance), Jaminan Pensiun(JP-Pension Insurance), and Jaminan Kematian-Death Insurance (JKM), he explained.

At the same time, also present the representatives of the Indonesian Olympic Committee, Jimmy Akbar and the Team Indonesia Ambassador as well as archery athletes who successfully contributed the Silver Medal at the 18th Asian Games, Diananda Choirunisa who also came to encourage fellow athletes competing in several Asian Games a long time ago.

“We are very grateful to BPJS Employment and the government with this protection and commitment to the services provided for Team Indonesia athletes. Surely sportsmen, especially athletes, are definitely at great risk of work, with the protection of the BPJS Employment athletes and other sports players can be calmer when working “Jimmy said.

Jimmy also added his gratitude to the government that not only gives appreciation to outstanding athletes but also pay attention to injured athletes until they could practice and pursue achievements again.

Meanwhile fellow athlete, Diananda said “if our training and matches are guaranteed with protection like this from BPJS Employment, we automatically become calmer with the activities we do and can be more focus more on achieving and fighting for Indonesia”.

With this experience, hopefully all workers in Indonesia can realize the importance of labor social security protection for the welfare of themselves and their families, and I also hope that all these sports players will continue their participation so that their welfare is guaranteed, Sumarjono concluded.


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