Asian Games 2018 ‘s Mascot: Bhin-Bhin, Atung, and Kaka


The presence of mascots in sporting events is very common. These mascots bring a philosophy that can spur the athletes to fight harder and more sportily in the field.In the Asian Games 2018, Indonesia raises 3 distinctive animals as a mascot. Animals used as a mascot are birds of Paradise called Bhin-bhin, Bawean’s Deer named Atung, and Rhinoceros with single horn named Kaka.

Besides to bring philosophers, also to encourage the athletes to compete. These mascots provide a kind of warning because of the existence of those who are threatened with extinction and require the attention of various parties.

Cendrawasih bird is a beautiful bird originated from Papua.The beauty of this bird stated in the scientific name of Paradisaea Apoda.Cendrawasih bird mascot named Bhin-bhin represents strategy. The beauty of paradise’s bird makethe people want to hunt for the bird and take the feather. To protect its existence, this bird of 43 species belongs to an animal should be protected.

From its name, Hyelaphus Kuhlii or Bawean’s Deer, it comes from Bawean, an island in East Java Province.Bawean’s Deer which describes the recorded speed is quite rare because there are only a few hundred left. This endangered animal is a nocturnal animal, an animal that is actively foraging at night.

Another animal that is used as a mascot and endangered is a single-horned rhinoceros. This animal with the scientific name Rhinoceros Sondaicus is living in Ujung Kulon, a protected conservation area in the western part of Java Island. Because of its strong body, this animal mascot represents the power in the 2018 Asian Games.


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