Asian Games 2018 has passed, PSSI Receives This ‘Precious Lesson'


The Asian Games 2018 have indeed passed. But apparently the grand event still gives bad news to the chief of the Indonesian Football Federation (PSSI), after the Asian Football Federation (AFC) imposed a fine.

The fine is related to a semi-final match involving Vietnam against South Korea. Where in the match PSSI was considered negligent, so there were flares or treats that escaped and were ignited by Vietnamese fans inside the stadium.

For this incident, the AFC also imposed a fine of 6,250 USD (Rp. 95 million) to the PSSI. They consider PSSI as the tournament’s organizing committee to have neglected. So that there can be flares that light up in a match that ends with South Korea’s 3-1 victory.

The incident at the Bogor Pakansari Stadium, precisely happened in the 66th and 70th minutes, where the flare was banned during a soccer match. Flare ignition, including violations of disciplinary rules and AFC article 64 code of ethics.

“The Defendant (PSSI) failed to fulfill his obligation to take safety precautions requested before, during, and after the match. “It failed to monitor the stadium and its surroundings until there was a flare,” the AFC disciplinary statement said, as quoted by FourFourTwo sports news site.

“Not only PSSI, the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) must also receive sanctions from the AFC due to the actions of its supporters. Even the VFF must get a fine double that received by Indonesia. The AFC considers the VFF unable and giving learning to its loyal fans not to ignite flares during the match.

In the Asian Games 2018 soccer sport, Indonesia as the host, only able to advance to the round of 16. Hansamu Yama and friends struggle had to stop, after losing on penalties from the United Arab Emirates. U-23 national team coached by Luis Milla, failed to meet the PSSI target to be able to at least enter the semi-finals of the Asian Games 2018.

Whereas Vietnam itself was successful in set its foot in the semifinals, before being overthrown by South Korea who finally won the gold medal. Vietnam is the only country from Southeast Asia that is able to penetrate the last 4 of the Asian Games.


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