Asian Games 1951, Indonesia’s Debut at Internasional’s Multievent


Guru Dutt Sondhi—India’s representative at London’s Olympic, on August 1948 proposed to the contingent leaders of Asian countries to hold Asian Games.The proposal was approved by representatives of Olympic participants from Asian countries. Then, in February 1949, the Asian Games Federation was formed. and it was agreed that the inaugural Asian Games will be held in New Delhi, India.

On March 4th, 1951,The inaugural Asian Games was officially opened by President Rajendra Prasa at the Dhyan Chand National Stadium.At that time, the Asian Games followed by 491 athletes from 11 National Olympic Committee (NOC) : Afghanistan, Burma, The Phillipines, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Nepal, Singapore, Srilangka, and Thailand.The total medals contested are 169 medals and 6 sport matches: athletic, aquatic, basketball, bicycle race, soccer and weight lifting.

The red and white contingent at the time picked up five bronze medals, all of them from athletics.Maram Sudarmodjo won bronze in the men’s high jump category; Hendarsin won bronze in men’s jump up category; A.F. Matulessy won bronze in men’s javelin’s category; Anny Salamun won bronze in women’s throw discs; and Indonesian’s women’s teamwon bronze in relay 4×100 meter category


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