Arki Wisnu, Encouragement from Cousin to Play Basketball

Arki Dikania Wisnu, sumber:

Born in the United States made the game of basketball into the daily of young Aris Dikania Vishnu. This habit makes Arki develop into a child who is good at playing the ball. In addition to playing basketball, Arki also play soccer. The talent for playing basketball is finally recognized by his cousin who live in other citiy . Ridi Djajakusuma, a cousin who asked Arki to concentrate more on basketball than any other sport.

“When Arki was 12 years old, I told him, why did you even bother to play soccer in America? After that I told him to be more involved with basketball,” said Ridi as quoted from

Their close blond makes Arki Wisnu consider Ridi like his own sibling. As quoted from, the husband from Hilyani Hidranto ofteb go back forth from New York to Washington D.C just to meet Ridi and play basketball.

“I often take the bus from NY to D.C. just to play basketball with Ridi.” Arki said.

They bring their closeness back to Indonesia. As the reliable player in Indonesia, Arki never forget about what his cousin ever done to him, and he appointed his cousin to be his manager to assist him in his basketball’s career.

“What I get right now is all thanks to Ridi’s hard work. I feel lucky to have a manager who can help me in many ways, “said Arki to


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