Archery Determined to Add 3 More Athletes to Olympics 2020

Sumber Gambar:

The Indonesian Archery Team will not be affected by the spread of the coronavirus, this is evidenced by staying focused on undergoing a national training camp (pelatnas) for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The Chairperson of PP Perpani stated, Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal, that the initial session to go to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was to hold a national training in Jakarta.

“I do not want any national training in other areas. That was a decision in the PB Perpani management meeting that had to be obeyed and I was sure everyone supported it. About who the trainer who handles national training will be determined in the selection. To be sure, those who are the best will be chosen, “he stressed, as reported by

Related to the preparation of the archery team, Illiza said there was indeed a time delay. Because, he had just assumed the position of Chairperson of PP Perpani as of February 28, 2020. Illiza replaced Kelik Wirawan Widodo who resigned.

“We can only move after getting a decree (SK) from the central KONI on March 15, 2020. At the management meeting, we have set the national team program and schedule for the archery team to begin in April,” he said.

Although the national training program for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is well structured, continued Iliza, not all can be run, because it is hampered by a worldwide coronavirus outbreak.

“Two Olympic national training programs had to be canceled, namely events in Thailand and Shanghai, China because of the corona. For a while undergoing national training in Jakarta alone, “he said.

For the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, PP Perpani has received two tickets through Riau Ega Agatha and Diananda Choirunnisa in the male and female individual numbers. Both have won tickets to the biggest sports party in the world, after good results at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Ega received bronze and Diananda presented silver.

In order to increase the number of athletes flying to Tokyo again, PP Perpani will prepare eight archery athletes to be deployed at the World Archery Championships in Berlin, Germany, from 21-28 June 2020.

They are expected to win Olympic tickets for men’s, women’s and mixed team numbers.

They were assigned to win men’s, women’s and mixed team numbers.

“Right now, they are indeed undergoing training in their respective areas. Starting April 1, they have entered the national training camp in Jakarta to be prepared to win three tickets at the Archery World Championship in Germany. We hope they can enter the top three to ensure the ticket, “he said.

On a different occasion, Deputy Chairperson of PP Perpani added, that if there were no obstacles, the archery team would be sent to the Netherlands to conduct training camps, from May to June 2020.

. “If there are no obstacles, yes. Hopefully they can improve their achievements and get three more tickets, “he said


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