Do You Know? This Mainstay Athlete is YOG’s Alumni

Sumber Gambar:

Indonesia has never missed the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) or what we can call the Youth Olympics. Starting from 2010 to 2018, the Indonesian team is always involved in the biggest sports parties for these junior athletes.

This proves that the quality of Indonesian athletes at junior level is indeed able to compete with teenage athletes from other parts of another country. Even from this YOG event, the Indonesian National Team began to reap the rewards. At least until now there is one potential athlete of YOG alumni who is now Indonesia’s mainstay in the international arena.

He is a badminton player who is now the idol of many people in the country. Who else if not Antony Sinisuka Ginting. Yes, before its name has skyrocketed with senior National Badminton Teams in various events, such as the Asian Games and China Open 2018, Antony is an alumni of the 2014 edition of the Youth Olympics.

At that time in Nanjing China, Antony was able to gain a bronze medal, which was also the only medal that was able to be achieved by the Indonesian contingent at that time.  At that time young Ginting, who was only 17 years old, managed to present a bronze medal, after successfully ending the resistance of Joshi from India with a score of 2-0 (21-17, 21-16). Previously Ginting failed to the final round, after in the semifinals he was overthrown by badminton player from China Guipu with a score of 2-1 (21-19, 19-21, 17-21).

Well, apparently the valuable experience gained by Ginting from Nanjin is the one who continues to whip the young man from Cimahi, city in West Java to be able to continue to train hard to improve his achievements.

It proves, now four years later, Anthony’s name began to be taken into account in the world’s senior badminton stage. He was able to achieve various achievements. Starting from the Korean Champion open (2017), 1st Place Daihatsu Indonesia Master (2018), the silver medal of the men’s team Asian games (2018), the individual Asian Games bronze medal (2018), to the last, the 1st place winner of China Open (2018).

Well, if 2014 can bring Anthony as a great alumni, about YOG 2018, who else from the Team Indonesia member who can also have a career skyrocketing later?


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