ANOC World Beach Games, Will Be Debut of Indonesia Karate


Karate will make his debut at the ANOC World Beach Games 2019. The martial arts branch is scheduled to show in Doha, Qatar on October 12-13.

On this occasion Karate only competed in two individual categories, namely the Kata Putra category and the Kata Putri category. This category emphasizes the beauty of athlete’s body movements in executing techniques that are demonstrated when appearing in front of judges.

No less than 64 athletes (32 male and 32 female) from 20 countries took part in this tour.
Each athlete both male and female will demonstrate skill on the sand in the first stage which is held October 12. Furthermore the selected names will appear in the final party on October 13 from 17:45 (local time).

Although this is the first time it has been held, medal competition is certain to be very tight and fierce. Because the competition was followed by world-class karateka such as world defending champion Sandra Sanchez from Spain and runner-up World Championship Damian Quintero from Spain.

In addition eight continental champions also competed to get gold in Doha. Sanae Agalman and Adnane Elhakimi from Morocco, Maria Dimitrova from the Dominican Republic, Ariel Torres from the United States, Alexandrea Anacan from New Zealand and Vu Duc Minh Dack from Caledonia.

While Indonesia does not want to be left behind. Nawar Kautsar Mastura (daughter) and Ahmad Zigi Zaresta Yuda (son) were asked to represent the Red and White team to excel in Doha. Both were not karateka yesterday afternoon, Nawar ranked 60 in the world while Zigi was ranked 19 in the world.

Both are expected to be able to gain a medal at the biggest beach sports party in the universe.


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