Andik Vermansah Completes Indonesian Squad For AFF Cup 2018

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Midfielder from Kedah FA, Andik Vermansah is called to strengthen Indonesia in AFF Cup 2018. The arrival of player from Surabaya fulfilled the quota of 23 players in the event of a football tournament between countries in Southeast Asia.

Initially, the Indonesian coach team led by the Bima Sakti had set 23 players, some time ago. However, Persela player Lamongan Saddil Ramdhani was finally abandoned. As a substitute, they decided to appoint Andik Vermansah as a replacement.

Clarity of change of Saddil by Andik was confirmed by assistant coach, Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto. Because the reason was not timely in fulfilling the national team call, Saddil was finally replaced from the squad.

Saddil’s clarity substitution by Andik is confirmed by assistant coach, Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto. He lacks in timing in fulfilling the called from the national team, Saddil is finally replaced from the squad.

“Regardless of the problem, Saddil doesn’t  arrived on time. For us, discipline is number 1. For his own personal issues, we deeply regret and pray and hope that everything will be finished quickly, “Kurniawan said, as reported by, November 3, 2018.

Indonesia will fight in the AFF Cup 2018. This tournament is an official local tournament that has never been won by the Garuda team. Since it was held in 1996, Indonesia’s highest achievement has only won runners up 5 times in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2010 and 2016.

List of 23 players in the last TC of the Indonesian national team for the AFF Cup 2018:

Goal Keeper: Andritany Ardhiyasa (Persija), Muhammad Ridho (Borneo FC), Awan Setho (Bhayangkara FC) Back: I Putu Gede Juni Antara (Bhayangkara FC), Gavin Kwan Adsit dan Rizki Rizaldi Pora (Barito Putera), Hansamu Yama Pranata (Barito Putera), Fachruddin Wahyudi Aryanto dan Alfath Fathier (Madura United), Bagas Adi Nugroho (Arema FC), Ricky Fajrin Saputra (Bali United)

Midfielder: Zulfiandi (Sriwijaya FC), Muhammad Hargianto (Bhayangkara FC), Bayu Pradana (Mitra Kukar), Stefano Yantje Lilipaly (Bali United), Evan Dimas Darmono (Selangor FA), Septian David Maulana (Mitra Kukar), Irfan Jaya (Persebaya), Andik Vermansah (Kedah FA), Febri Hariyadi (Persib), Riko Simanjuntak (Persija)


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