Aldila Sutjiadi Champion of the Pelti Internal Competition

Aldila Sutjiadi | Sumber Foto :

Women’s number one Indonesian Team Aldila Sutjiadi is still the best in an internal tournament held between Pelatnas Pelti’s women’s singles. In the final, Aldila defeated her national teammate Jessy Rompies, who was held at the Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta (GBK) on Wednesday (01/07).

In the top of the party, the owner of two 2019 SEA Games gold, successfully won, after successfully winning from Jessy in two straight sets, with a score of 6-3, 7-6.

Despite not competing for a long time because of the co-19 pandemic, Aldila managed to master the match well. He succeeded in forcing Jessy to make many mistakes on her own, until the first set was successful she won easily. Then in the second set Jessy began to get up, to make the match last until the tie break round.

Only in that round, Aldila was still able to play better than Jessy, until she was able to win in the second set. Aldila said, that the internal competition was very useful to be able to maintain their fitness and feeling game.

“Jessy and I are still able to maintain physical strength and stamina when competing. We are indeed free from mid-March. So about four months, but still practice. This simulation can be an ordinary exercise. Continue to practice the mental competition too. what kind of match, “Aldila said after the match, as reported by Antara News.

As for the women’s doubles internal tournament, plans will be rolled out starting Thursday and Friday. The tournament is an agenda of Pelti National Pelti which has been rolling since last Tuesday (06/16). Six girls, namely Aldila Sutjiadi, Jessy Rompies, Rifanty Kahfiani, Beatrice Gumulya, Priska Madelyn and Janice Tjen, were the participants.

During training and competition in the National Team, the players of Pelatnas residents must be disciplined in carrying out health protocols. All are required to maintain maximum personal hygiene, and minimize direct and indirect physical contact.

On the other hand, starting Thursday (02/07), Pelatnas for the men’s sector will also take the start of training at the GBK Tennis Stadium in Jakarta. Six players who were called up for the Tokyo Olympic qualification projections have arrived in the capital.

The six names called Pelti are, Christopher Rungkat and Nauvaldo Jati Agatra, who so far have been domiciled in Jakarta. While Rifqi Fitriadi had just arrived from Banjarmasin, Gunawan Trismuwantara from Surabaya, and Lucky Chandra and Tegar Abdi arrived from Solo.


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