The Reason Behind Bite Medal Pose


Athletes who manage to get a medal when competing are sure to feel proud, especially if they win the gold medal. Not infrequently we will see the athlete bite his/her medal after being wrapped around the neck, especially when doing a photo session with a journalist. Actually, what is the reason behind the athlete biting the medal he/she gets?

Biting a medal that an athlete gets after winning a match is already a tradition, not only in Indonesia but also in other countries. St. Olympics Louis in 1904 became the first Olympic Games to win gold and silver medals to the winners.

To ensure the gold received is genuine or not, the athletes will bite the gold medal. They followed the method used by gold traders to ensure the authenticity of gold. Gold is a precious metal that is softer than human teeth. So when gold is bitten it will leave bite marks and means that gold is indeed pure gold. Not a mixture or pyrite, a metal that has a sparkle similar to gold but harder so that it will not leave marks when bitten.

Currently the gold medal obtained by athletes when winning the match is no longer pure gold like the old days. Because since 1912, the gold medal that was awarded at the Olympic Games was no longer made using pure gold. It maintained the tradition of biting medals when it managed to stand on the podium. Many photographers and journalists also ask athletes to do this pose because it is considered more photogenic and it becomes a characteristic of athletes who have won the match.


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