The Reason That Bicycle Race is Absent at YOG 2018


The world-class multi-event sports championship event, especially young people, has entered the final stage. The Indonesian team has still announced a bronze medal obtained from weight lifters, Nur Vintasari.

In sports events for young athletes in the Youth Olympic Games 2018, a total of 32 sports will be contested. Indonesia itself only participated in 7 sports and sent 16 selected athletes. The seven sports are basketball, badminton, weightlifting, swimming and golf. While specialized in bicycle race, Indonesia does not send its athletes. The Executive Board of the Indonesian Sport Bike Association (ISSI) stated the reason for not participating in the event was due to the lack of qualified BMX Freestyle athletes. PB ISSI alone really wants to send athletes at the prestigious event. The board has also prepared Wiji Lestari athletes because she’s considered ready and she has quite good points.

But individual BMX numbers don’t exist and the teen Olympics only contested mixed BMX Racing and mixed BMX Freestyle Park numbers. PB ISSI has athletes in that number but not in points.

“Yes, this is something that is missing and we regret it. This means that we have to clean up in the early age development process because (we admit) as regeneration, there is a too far gap between athletes, “said Chairman of the National Team Agency (BTN) Budi Saputra launched from Saturday (08/09/2018).

Budi said in exchange for the Olympics, the bicycle racing federation would prepare Wiji for training camps and attend local championships in Switzerland. In addition, take part in a series race in Europe.

“Later, at the end, she will follow the World’s Champion in Norway,” Budi continued.


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