Ahmad Hulaefi, Continue to be Enthusiastic to Train His Students through Virtual

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Undergoing Ramadhan in the midst of the 19th pandemic, it did not dampen the spirit of the former Indonesian Team champion in wushu sports, Achmad Hulaefi, who is now focusing on becoming a coach in the martial arts that raised his name. Responding to the current situation, Hulaefi chose to continue to train his students virtually.

Hulaefi is currently monitoring every day, how to train his students, and their development in running the program that he has prepared before.

During the current pandemic, the man who is also a husband of the former female wushu athlete Lindswell Kwok conducts training and supervision online, through video media.

“If the conditions are like this, I train through online media, we will provide training programs in the group,” Hulaefi said.

“Later the proof of the training will be reported in the video, every afternoon at 4 reported in the group. Then we will see, if there are movements that are not correct, we will provide input and ask for improvement the next day,” added the man who is also familiarly called Ulai, as reported by Harian Harian.

Ulai acknowledged, that the Covid-19 pandemic did indeed make its daily activities, especially in providing training materials a little hindered. But the bronze winner at the 2018 Asian Games is still grateful, because at the current Ramadan, he actually has plenty of time to focus more on worship at home with family. Moreover, he was also just blessed with a baby, so of course it still requires a lot of attention.

“In addition to being busy providing online training programs, I am also focused on improving the quality of Ramadan worship. Although I did not join a large family, he claimed to remain enthusiastic about worshiping. Moreover, this year was not only undertaken with Lindswell, but accompanied by Achmad Zubayr on 10 May. exactly 4 months old, “he added.

Although he is no longer active as an athlete, Ulai continues to focus on developing wushu sports. Currently, he and his wife, have a noble dream to be able to have their own wushu gym, and can score many outstanding athletes, who are able to always carry the fragrant name of the Indonesian nation.

“My wife and I have the ideal of owning a wushu building and making athletes for Indonesia. If possible, it will be realized as soon as possible. Now we are just developing a club, and continue to look for partners to work together to build a wushu building. Now we are still just doing business,” said Ulai .


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