Ahead of the National Olympiad Training Camp, PB Perpani Crossed out Three Athletes

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The Executive Board of the Indonesian Archery Association (PB Perpani) made a big decision, by eliminating three of its athletes from the Tokyo Olympics National Training Center (Pelatnas). Riau Ega Agata Salsabila, Diananda Choirunisa and Asiefa Nur Haenza were removed from the National Pelatnas after the three Perpani judged that they violated the rules of the Indonesian archery federation.

The certainty of the removal of the three archery athletes is stated in the official letter of PB Perpani number 210 / KU / PB PERPANI / VIII / 2020, dated August 8, 2020, related to the removal of the name as the 2020 Olympics National Pelatnas Athlete.

“PB Perpani has crossed out the names of brothers / sisters of East Java Provincial Board athletes as athletes for the 2020 Olympics National Training Plates and revokes Decree Number 13 of 2020 dated June 30, 2020 concerning the Appointment of Athletes and Trainers of the National Pelatnas for the 2021 Olympics,” said the decree signed by the Chairman of PB Perpani. Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamar, as reported by Medcom.com.

The three national archers had previously been appointed as athletes who had been approved for positions and facilities in the National Pelatnas, based on the memorandum of understanding previously reached between PB Perpani and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Previously, PB Perpani had also issued a letter numbered 167 / KU / PB.PERPANI / VII / 2020 dated 16 July 2020 regarding the Call to Participate in the 2020 Olympics National Training Plates.

However, the three names did not respond to the official summons, so PB Perpani had to issue the first warning letter on August 2 regarding Warning and Warning I.

“Because you do not fulfill PB Perpani’s summons to take part in the National Olympiad 2020, and do not obey the rules and decisions of PB Perpani, and have put aside the interests of the state, PB Perpani will process sanctions against you / sisters in accordance with the provisions of AD / ART and policies. PB Perpani, “wrote a letter from PB Perpani

PB Perpani itself has received permission and approval from the government, in this case the Ministry of Youth and Sports, to be able to run the National Olympiad projection Pelatnas and also the Vietnam 2021 SEA Games. This includes training and facilities for eight athletes, three coaches and six officials.

Until now, PB Perpani has managed to get two Olympic tickets from the individual men’s and women’s recurve numbers. However, until now, the names of the athletes who will be sent to represent the Indonesian Team at the world’s biggest sporting event have been confirmed.


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