Ahead Myanmar in Semifinals, This is a Good Record of the Indonesian National Team

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The Indonesian national team seems to have an interesting record during the 2019 Manila SEA Games. The team trained by Indra Sjafrie scored 9 goals in the last 30 minutes, in five trips in the 2019 SEA Games group phase. semifinal on Saturday (07/12).

The Indonesia U-23 national team has by far been one of the most productive teams at the Games between Southeast Asian Nations. Garuda Muda managed to make 17 goals in only five matches. This number is exactly the same as Vietnam’s record which qualified as group winners, accompanied by Indonesia as runner up.

Quite interesting, because of the 17 goals, nine of which can be created 30 minutes before the game ends. Where Osvaldo Haay himself is now Indonesia’s top scorer with seven goals.

The young player from the Surabaya Persebaya club, made four of a total of seven goals in the preliminary round, when the match had lasted more than 60 minutes. While five other goals were recorded by Egy Maulana Vikri (3 goals), Asnawi Mangkualam, Witan Sulaiman, Andy Setyo and Bagas Adi Nugroho.

The Indonesian national team’s earning in the last 30 minutes is the highest compared to Indonesia’s record in the previous two periods in 90 minutes of action. Evan Dimas et al could only score four goals from the first minute until ’30.

The same four goals were also produced by the Indonesian National Team players during the match since ’31 – ’60.

Again, in the first two periods Osvaldo Haay is still the most productive player with a record of two goals. While the other two goals were created by Egy Maulana and Saddil Ramdani.

While from the camp of potential opponents, Myanmar national team actually looks less productive in scoring goals. They only recorded eight goals and conceded four goals. The team trained by Velizar Popov has never been given a clean sheet record, because he always manages to concede a goal by his opponents during the group phase.

Team nets with the Asian Tiger nickname are alternately successfully broken into by Malaysia, the Philippines, Timor Leste and Cambodia. Four opposing goals, always successfully created in the first 45 minutes.

Of course, as it should, Myanmar statistics could be a gap for Osvaldo Haay and his colleagues, to be able to secure tickets to the finals at the 2019 SEA Games this time.


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