After Training Camp, Indonesian Swimming is Ready to Get Gold Medals


The Indonesian swimming team is increasingly looking at the 2019 SEA Games after holding a training camp in the highlands of Kumming, China some time ago. The coach team is optimistic that they can win four gold medals at the multi-event event.

As is known PRSI deliberately held a training center in Kumming, China located at 1800 at sea level to improve the physical game. Cold air with a thin oxygen content is expected to galvanize the immune system of the player.

This was confirmed by one athlete, Fadlan Prawira, Indonesia’s long-distance swimmer.

“Of course there are many advantages that we can achieve after training in the highlands with thin oxygen. “Our endurance is increasing, hopefully we will be able to increase our strength at the SEA Games later,” explained Fadlan after returning from Kumming as quoted from

The series of heavy training is a PRSI effort that is targeting four gold medals at the SEA Games this time. At the same time maintaining the breed of the Indonesian Contingent in the event  like these on two years.

“If you say realistic, the target of the four gold medals is very realistic. Because other countries have insignificant progress, “Albert Cristiadi Sutanto said.

Albert’s confidence increased because the formation of the SEA Games national athletes currently inhabited by gold medalists at the 2017 SEA Games. The athletes are I Gede Siman Sudartawa (50 meters backstroke), Triady Fauzi Sidiq (200 meters dressing force) and Gagarin Nathaniel Yus (100 meters backstroke).

The new face comes from number 200 backstroke. Farrel Armandio Tangkas replaces Indra Gunawan who yesterday won the gold medal in a 50-meter breaststroke.

In addition, despite being a debutant in the SEA Game, Farrel cannot be underestimated. Because Farrel Tangkas is listed as the first rank in ASEAN for the 200 meter backstroke.



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