After the 2019 SEA Games, Osvaldo Hay Admitted Many Offers From Overseas Teams

Osvaldo Haay (Sumber Gambar:

The neat appearance shown by Osvaldo Ardiles Haay during the 2019 SEA Games event in the Philippines successfully catapulted his name. The latest news says the 20-year-old footballer is currently in demand by a number of foreign clubs.

Since the Grub B SEA Games 2019 phase Osvaldo has been performing prominently. Not only skilled in processing the round skin, the player from Papua also has speed and agility above average. So that he is able to present real terror to the opposing team’s back line.

This ability also makes coach Indra Sjafri the mainstay as the front guard of the Garuda team’s attack line.

It says the sweet story of Osvaldo Haay’s struggle does not end with a happy ending. Indonesia must be satisfied with the silver medal after falling in the hands of Vietnam with a landslide score of 3-0.

But at least Osvaldo should be proud because he managed to bring home the top score with a total collection of 8 goals.

Now the name Osvaldo is increasingly popular with friends in Southeast Asia. He confirmed there were a number of offers from overseas teams to use his services.

“There are many clubs outside Indonesia and outside Southeast Asia that are interested in me,” Osvlado said as quoted by

But for now he still lacks confidence to compete in outside competitions. he realized there were still many shortcomings. Because of that he decided to stay in Indonesia to improve himself.

“However, I still have many concerns, including my readiness. I still need to train harder. ”

Nevertheless Osvaldo did not dismiss his desire to be able to compete at a higher level.

“Of course, every player wants to play in a high class place, like abroad,” said the Persebaya Surabaya player.

On the other hand this is not the first time the former Persipura Jayapura player has been linked with a foreign team. Previously he was widely rumored to be moving to Spain after undergoing a trial with CD Numancia


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