After SEA Games Record, Sapwaturrahman Focuses Qualifying for the 2020 Olympics

Sumber Gambar:

Sapwaturrahman did not want to be too overdog after carving sweet results at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines, which just finished some time ago. The reason he has a new target at the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The name Sapwaturrahman Sanapiah Arsyad became famous after successfully breaking the record at the SEA Games. These long jump athletic athletes now face the status of being the farthest record holder in the history of the SEA Games.

The athlete, nicknamed Sapwa, managed to break the record set by Philippine athlete Hendry Dagmil with the furthest jump of 7.86 meters at the 2007 SEA Games. Sapwa was able to excel after recording a jump of 8.03 meters in his sixth attempt.

He became the farthest followed by Andre Anura (Malaysia) with 8.02 meters. And Suttisak Singkhon (Thailand) with 7.87 meters.

Although managed to set a new record, the 24-year athlete claimed not to be satisfied. Now he is targeting a new target of qualifying for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
The Olympics will be a real challenge because the event has a much higher level than the SEA Games.

“I am not satisfied even though I can break the SEA Games record. My main target is to qualify for the Olympics,” Sapwaturrahman said.

“In the future I will continue to try to improve my record,” he added vehemently.

On the other hand the record that was created at the SEA Games yesterday was actually not too conspicuous for Sapwa. Because in the 2018 Asian Games ago he managed to record a jump as far as 8.09 meters, or 6 cm further than he did notched in the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines.

Unfortunately these results are only enough to get him a bronze medal. He lost to two Chinese athletes Jianang Wang with 8.24 meters and Yaoguang Zhan came in second with 8.15 meters.¬†This note is a whip that Sapwa’s journey at the Olympics is still very far away.


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