A Long Rowing’s Journey to First Gold

Sumber: ANTARA FOTO/INASGOC/Nova Wahyudi

The long journey taken by the Rowing branch finally begins to have result. The 7th-year long preparation gradually paid off with achievements, especially at the Asian Games 2018.

On Friday (8/24), this water sports branch gives the Indonesian contingent a gold medal.
As quoted from Kompas.com, Indonesian rowing coach from the Netherlands, said that the rowing achievement was not too surprising after they had passed a long preparation. “We have prepared ourselves for 7 years,”

Gold medal donated by those who are in the Eight Boys Lightweight with a time of 6 minutes 8.88 seconds. This team became the best among others by getting rid of Uzbekistan and Hong Kong in the final in the competition held at Jakabaring Rowing Lake.
The winning team which consisted of TanzilHadid, Muhad Yakin, Rio Darmawan, JefriArdianto, Ali Buton, Ferdiansyah, Ihram, ArdiIsadi, and UjangHasbulloh managed to give the gold medal which is the 9th Indonesian gold medal at the Asian Games this time.

This victory has stopped the waiting for the peak performance of the rowing branch. Since the Asian Games 1982, rowing has been contested and Indonesia has never even won a gold medal. It’s only at the Asian Games 2018 that Indonesia win the gold medal.


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