97 Countries Confirming Medal in the 2019 ANOC World Beach Games


The ANOC World Beach Games event is just a matter of days. 97 countries will compete to be the best in the largest beach sports party in the world.

About 97 countries from five continents. 35 countries were recorded as coming from Europe, 21 from Asia, 19 from America, 17 from Africa and the remaining five from Oceania. Of these, 1240 athletes will be gathered who will fight for 350 medals from 14 branches competed.

The United States is the largest contributor of athletes with a total of 75 athletes. Then there are Brazil (77 athletes), Spain (62 athletes) and Russia (55 athletes). While this time Indonesia only managed to get 12 athletes from 3 sports, 3X3 basketball, karate and beach volleyball.

“The qualification process began in June last year and is designed to ensure that the best athletes will compete at this event.”
“Each sport has a different qualification process and the majority of the qualification process is held in world class venues or the best locations for the World Championship and Continental Championship,” ANOC release quoted from insidethegames.biz page.

On the other hand, the fanfare that was shown by 97 countries received appreciation from Gunilla Lindberg, once Secretary of the ANOC (Association of National Olympic Committees). He claimed to have been wary of the interest of members of the NOC (National Olympic Committes) of the inaugural edition of the World Beach Games. Moreover, there are fewer obstacles that cause the venue to change from San Diego California to Qatar.

“We are very happy that nearly 100 NOC members from five continents are qualified for the 2019 ANOC World Beach games Qatar.”

“In this first edition, we are not sure how many NOC members have qualified. So it is fantastic to see how all members of the NOC, both large and small, have competed over the past 12 months, “said Lindberg quoted from the same source.


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