5 Indonesian Team Athletes Who Have Prestigious Achievements in 2019

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The Indonesian team has almost never run out of athletes with achievements so far. Like in 2019, there is at least a Red and White hero who managed to record a glorious international achievement.

The five athletes come from various sports, where badminton and weightlifting are the sports with the most representatives on this list.

Here is the summary of Indonesian achievement athletes throughout 2019, as quoted from Suara.com:

  1. Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo / Marcus Fernaldi Gideon (Badminton)

Indonesian men’s doubles partner, Kevin Sanjaya / Marcus Gideon continues to show a proud increase in achievement from day to day. In 2019, both of them succeeded in making the Indonesian Nation feel proud, with the achievement of BWF World Tour achievements eight times during 2019. These results immediately catapulted their second rank as world number one.

The eight BWF World Tour titles in 2019 were nicknamed The Minions including Malaysia Masters, Indonesia Masters, Indonesia Open, Japan Open, China Open, Danish Open, French Open and Fuzhou China Open.

  1. Hendra Setiawan / Mohammad Ahsan (Badminton)

Still from the branch of tepok fur, Hendra Setiawan / M. Ahsan also became a badminton player who was able to show a prestigious performance in 2019.

The pair with the nickname The Daddies, managed to win important titles. Even the achievement recorded both names in history.

Although the number of their titles is not as much as The Minions, Hendra / Ahsan was listed as the best in the most prestigious tournaments, namely All England, World Championships and BWF Wolrd Tour Finals (WTF).

These records made the Daddies the first men’s doubles pair to be able to marry the All England, World Championship and WTF titles in the same year.

  1. Eko Yuli Irawan (Weightlifting)

Eko Yuli Irawan continues to be able to show its best quality as one of the best lifter owned by the Indonesian Team.

Throughout 2019, Eko Yuli successfully recorded his name in various prestigious events. Like, a gold medal at the World Cup, bronze at the Asian Championship, silver at the World Championship round, and gold from the SEA Games.

The results immediately made Eko Yuli’s position on 61 kg qualification points for the 2020 Olympics almost unshakeable. Eko is currently the runner-up, with 4,162.7503 points.


  1. Windy Cantika Aisah (Weightlifting)

Besides senior athlete Eko Yuli Irawan, weightlifting in 2019 also has another lifter who is also able to continue to achieve prestigious achievements throughout the year.

He is Windy Cantika Aisah who is a young lifter full of potential. With age not even 18 years, in 2019, Windy has been able to achieve various international achievements.

Windy is a gold medalist at the 2019 SEA Games for the 49kg daughter. Not only able to reach the highest points, but Windy was also able to sharpen three world records in his own name.

The young athlete who is also the daughter of Siti Aisah, who is a bronze-winning lifter at the World Weightlifting Championship in 1998, managed to climb the podium in the first rank, in the Philippines, after incised the results of the 190 kilogram force.

The total force, which is a breakdown of 86 kilograms, and 104 kilograms of clean and jerk.

Meanwhile, his snatch force has surpassed the world record he also got at the 2019 Asia Junior and Youth championships in Pyongyang, North Korea. At that time, Windy won 84 kilograms in the snatch force.

While from clean and jerk, again Windy was able to surpass her own record, with 102 kilograms obtained in the same championship in Pyongyang.

Automatically, the record made Windy beat the world record, in a total of 190 millograms, passing the previous record, which is also in her own name with 186 kilograms, while bringing her name to be one of the Red and White representatives at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

  1. Lalu Muhammad Zohri

Then the name of Muhammad Zohri, truly able to prove, he is not an athlete who is able to achieve a momentary achievement and quickly fade.

The young man who earned the nickname “Magic Boy from Lombok” managed to consistently maintain his performance and achievements, even improving it throughout 2019 ago.

Zohri’s prestigious record was obtained from a gold medal at the 1st Malaysian Open Grand Prix, then a silver medal at the Asian and Perunggo Championships at the Seiko Golden Grand Prix in Osaka, Japan, which also delivered his name as one of Indonesia’s representatives who qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Among these achievements, Zohri also managed to break several records in the men’s 100 meter run number, which is his specialist number.

When winning silver at the 2019 Asian Athletics Championship, Zohri successfully broke the national record, as well as listing his name as the fastest man in the Southeast Asian region.


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