5 Beautiful SEA Games Athletes with Achievements that Succeed Seized the Attention of Netizens

Windy Cantika Aisah. (Sumber Gambar: Jawa Pos)

The 2019 SEA Games event in the Philippines had just been completed on December 11, 2019 yesterday, but there were still a myriad of stories that remained. It is still warm how many dramas occur during the grand biennial event.

Speaking of the 2019 SEA Games, it seems that Indonesian athletes have not only succeeded in making a proud achievement. But also managed to become a new idol in cyberspace.

Like the following five athletes. Not only good at gaining medals, these athletes are also equipped with beautiful and charming looks. Making netizens even more amazed.
Who are they? following the review:

Vidya Rafika Rahmatan Toyyiba
Vidya Rafika Rahmatan Toyyiba succeeded in donating the tenth gold medal for Indonesia through shooting competitions. The athlete, who is usually called Vidya, succeeded in becoming the first with 249.9 points.

Not just beautiful, this virgin from Bekasi is indeed full of experience and achievements. The latest is that he is currently trying to qualify for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Nony Krystianti
Besides Vidya Rafika, another beautiful athlete who managed to steal the attention of netizens is Nony Krystianti. Nony itself is an athlete of billiard sports.

At this 2019 SEA Games event, Nony was paired with Fathrah Masum. This beautiful woman from Cirebon succeeded in donating a gold medal for Indonesia after successfully fighting against Singapore representatives, Hui Ming Jessica Tan and also Yi Huai Suvene Ng.

Windy Cantika Aisyah
Windy Cantika Aisyah became the discussion after successfully bringing home the gold medal of the women’s weightlifting 49 kg SEA Games 2019 class in the Philippines. His name skyrocketed after successfully breaking the world record with his own name in the youth snatch class.

After the SEA Games, he is now focusing on becoming able to penetrate the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He will be the mainstay of Indonesia at the biggest sports event in the world.

Emilia Nova
Emilia Nova managed to carve gold ink from an athletic track 100 meters hurdles. He succeeded in donating one gold medal for Indonesia in a record time of 13.61 seconds.

The athlete who also studied at UNJ majoring in sports before also often carve achievements and make the name of Indonesia. In fact, in previous years, Emilia also subscribed to bring a gold medal for Indonesia. One of them at the Ipen 2019 Malaysian Grand Prix event. No wonder this beautiful athlete is dubbed as one of Indonesia’s athletic queens.

Rifda Irfanaluthfi
Finally there is Rifda Iranaluthfi. Rifda, this familiar greeting succeeded in bringing home gold in the 2019 Philippines SEA Games gymnastics vault number. Rifda himself managed to record as many as 13,484 points and successfully outperformed his opponent from Malaysia, Tan Ing Yueh who only managed to record a score of 13,300.

Not only that, Rifda also managed to get three more silver medals at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines. He got the Silver Medal from the all-around number, balance beam and Floor Exercise. So in total he managed to bring home four medals at once in the last SEA Games.


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