4 Players Who Are predicted To Be The Key Games for U-19 National Team in the Asian Cup 2018

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The U-19 national team has begun its journey in the AFC Cup 2018 by opposing the team from China Taipei on Thursday (10/18/18) yesterday. Garuda Jaya troops were also able to subdue the Chinese resistance to score 3-1.

Although able to win the game, but the next opponent that will be faced is also considered to be stronger team, there are two countries, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The team coached by Indra Sjafri even had to fight harder to get through the preliminary phase.

From the national team’s trip to the AFC trophy this year, there are at least 4 players who will be the key to team play. Reported  from bola.com (10/15/18), who are they? Here’s the analysis for you.

Witan Sulaiman
The U-19 national team midfielder who often wears number 8 is usually played by coach Indra Sjafri with Syahrian Abimanyu and Muhammad Lutfi Kamal in midfield. But Witan’s dynamic movement in the field made its role in the field quite free.

The result is quite effective, the movement, especially on the left side of the attack of the Garuda Jaya national team, is quite troublesome for the opponent’s defense line, especially when making a quick counterattack. This was seen when played in the match against the Chinese National Team in China yesterday. Two goals were netted to China Taipei’s goal thanks to the acceleration of a player who was born in Palu on October 8th, 2001.

With the presence of player who is able to play in a number of positions such as Witan, Indra Sjafri has a numbers of option formation while still playing his mainstay midfielder.

Todd Rivaldo Ferre

    1. Besides witan there is one more energetic young midfielder who can be a weapon for Indra Sjafri to break the opponent’s defense from midfield. He is Todd Rivaldo Ferre, the U-19 player from Persipura is currently an important part of the Under-19 Indonesia National Team.

Although he has a small posture, but this Papuan player’s talent cannot be underestimated, he has the speed and acceleration in the opponent’s defense which can be a hassle for every player. Like the last moment when the national team against Vietnam in the U-19 AFF Cup 2018.  Rivaldo Ferre was able to outwit five Vietnamese players from the middle of the field to the penalty box before releasing a shot which hit the crossbar and maximized by Rafli to become a goal.

With extraordinary individual abilities, Todd Rivaldo Ferre could be a solution when the Indonesian Under-19 national team needs to break the opposing defense line which is difficult to do by the Indonesian national team.

Nurhidayat Haji Haris
The center-back and captain of the U-19 national team appear quite consistent in guarding the national team’s defense line. His calm in anticipating the movement of opponents who entered the penalty box of the U-19 Indonesian National Team made Indra Sjafri choose him to be the team captain.

As when he was being played against the Chinese National Team, he was able to carry out his role very well, based on lab statistics, the player who is familiarly called Dayat is able to excel in air duel 4 times.

His durability to ward off and carry forward sweeps is considered to be able to secure the defense of the Garuda Nusantara Team properly. Nurhidayat Haji Haris has so far been able to show extraordinary consistency in the field.

Although his figure is a little bit sturdy, Dayat has no difficulty in being able to catch fast-paced players who could threaten the goal of the team he defended.

Egy Maulana Vikri
The last is the most central figure in the heart of the U-19 national team attack, Egy Maulana Vikri. He must go back and forth from Poland to Indonesia in a relatively short time to defend the national team but his experience can be the winning card for the break power of Under-19 national team.

The experience of playing with Lechia Gdansk one of the highest caste clubs in Poland’s League 1 makes it unnecessary for him to take part in a long training camp with the Indonesia Under-19 National Team. Indra Sjafri believes that the knowledge and his experience obtained by Egy with his club would boost his game to the maximum extent that is needed by Garuda Nusantara Team.

His game in arranging attacks, was able to be shown very well in the match against China Taipei on Thursday (18/10/18) last night. One goal scored by Witan Sulaiman on 89 minutes was an neat assist from Egy after being able to outwit the Chinese Taipei goalkeeper, Guan Pei.

Egy is also become the act goal opener of Indonesian national team when he managed to break the Taipei China net in the early minutes of the second half.


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