4 Special Moments from Asian Games 2018 which Will Be Remember Forever

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The Asian Games which took place in Jakarta and Palembang on 18 August to 2 September 2018 has finished.  There are many moments that can be learned from organizing the biggest multi-event sports event in Asia.

From opening, organizing events, to closing, everyone can give their own assessment of the organization of the Asian Games. It started with such a spectacular opening that became a trending topic on various social media pages, to the results of the Indonesian host who achieved a pretty neat position.

Even though it has passed, the euphoria of the Asian Games 2018 is still felt by the people of Indonesia. There are a number of events during the Asian Games 2018 that are still unforgettable by the Indonesian people. Quoted from idntimes.com, here are some moments that will always be remembered by the audience.

Official Theme Song
The song entitled “Meraih Bintang(Achieving Stars)” sung by Via Vallen, dangdut artist is set as the Official Theme Song Asian Games 2018. As soon as this song is sung, it directly masters the trending topics on various social media.

Many foreign singers who cover this song use the language of their country. Even one of the singers covering the song “Meraih Bintang” from India, Siddarth Slathia, was invited by INASGOC to participate in enlivening the Asian Games 2018 Closing Ceremony.

President Jokowi’s action to ride a motorcycle

At the moment of the opening of the Asian Games at the Bung Karno Stadium, there was one moment that caught enough attention. At that time, the committee opened the event by displaying a short duration video containing the figure of President Jokowi rides a sports motorcycle until finally arrive at the opening event with a motor sport.

Suddenly the world community considers the President of Indonesia to be very cool, young and very amazing. Jokowi’s action became the trending topic on the Naver search engine which is a popular search portal in South Korea. Various compliments of South Korean citizens were presented to the hype president.

Ratoh Jaroe Dance
At the opening of the Asian Games 2018, last August, there were thousands of people dancing in a typical dance from Aceh, Ratoh Jaroe dance. Ratoh Jaroe dance was performed as a welcome dance to all contingents of Asian Games 2018 participants. Even Ratoh Jaroe dance became global because many participating dancers were added with very distinctive movements to amaze all the spectators present at the stadium or who watched on the screen or streaming. through internet shows.

Korea Unites
In addition to the three things above that were quite stunning, the Asian Games in Indonesia also witnessed the unification of the Korean state. This was marked by the fluttering of the flag of the unification of the Korean State.

In the Asian Games 2018, South Korea and North Korea merged into one team in several sports such as women’s basketball teams, rowing and dragon boats. This union of South Korea and North Korea also received special attention from various countries in the world.

There are still many interesting moments in previous the Asian Games 2018, but the 4 moments are the best moments to remember. It is certain that the Asian Games will be held every 4 years and the moment will be more interesting.


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