4 Indonesian Team Legendary Athlete whose name is recorded in history

Rudi Hartono, dan catatan gelar juara di All England. Sumber: CNN Indonesia

Indonesia does have a good position in the eyes of the world, especially in the field of sports. A number of the best athletes from the country have made history in the eyes of the world, and make the Indonesian people proud. Who are they, see the following review:

Rudy Hartono – Badminton
Long before the names Susi Susanti and Alan Budikusuma scented Indonesia in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics with their gold medal, badminton actually entered the 1972 Munich Olympics, but still as a demo.

Rudy Hartono was the first to successfully record the championship in the championship. However, because it is still a demonstration, the achievement is not officially recorded and counted.

Even so, Rudy is still a legend in badminton. In the oldest championship in the All England world he won eight titles, with seven of them won in a row.

Maulwi Saelan – Soccer
Maulwi was a guerrilla fighter from Sulawesi and had served in Java during the independence war. But not only was a Maulwi fighter also an Indonesian national team goalkeeper from 1952-2958.

One of the most historic matches Maulwi has ever played, was at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. Where, at that time he was able to appear heroic, when facing the Soviet Union.

Ellyas Pical – Boxing
Before the era of Chris John was able to become the mainstay of the Indonesian Team in international boxing, the name Ellyas Pical had already carried the fragrant name of the Red and White on the world stage.

Ellyas, won the IBF flying class three times in the 1985-1989 period.

Noted, his professional record is, 20 wins (11 through knockout, five defeats and one draw.

Richard Sambera – Swimming
Richard, won 23 impressive gold medals at the SEA Games, starting from 1989-2005.

Lama studied in the United States. More impressive, Richard also recorded swimming championship at the college level, as well as being a junior record holder in the US.

He recorded his last appearance defending the Red and White at the SEA Games in 2005, with age already reached 34 years. But it was not an obstacle for Richard to still be able to excel, from the multi-level event in Southeast Asia, Richard managed to bring home two gold medals, two silver and one bronze.


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