3 Ways Aries Susanti Rahayu Keeps Her Body Strength From Home Only

Sumber: Liputan6

The mainstay athlete of the Indonesian Team in the sport of rock climbing, Aries Susanti Rahayu, said that in the period of independent quarantine, because of the co-19 pandemic, he wanted to be able to maintain his performance and physical condition. Therefore, Aries also shared with the public, related to his tips to maintain the condition of the body stay fit in the current situation.

Conditions that make everyone to spend more time at home, including Aries, making it unable to practice with standard equipment as usual. Therefore, he also must be able to practice by maximizing what is around him.

One of the efforts to maintain shoulder strength. The athlete who owns the speed climbing record, consistently pulls up on the frame with his feet while squeezing the load.

Another exercise run by Aries, is squats with weights. Where he lifts a weight of 10 kg barbell, in front of the body, while doing squats to strengthen leg muscles.

“So that when we climb our legs push up,” he said as quoted by Liputan6.com.

Aries continued program, which is in the form of circuit training, with the main function, maintaining and increasing the strength of the shoulder, stomach and leg muscles. The set of exercises that are combined are, mountain climber, climber v-ups and push ups.

Aries explained, these three types of training are very important for him, as a rock climbing athlete competing in speed numbers.

Aries Susanti Rahayu, is a contributor to two gold medals at the 2018 Asian Games. She also managed to record her name in the history book, after successfully earning 6.995 seconds at the 2019 Xiamen Rock Climbing World Championship.

At present the 25-year-old athlete, in concentration, can get a Tokyo 2020 Olympic ticket. But his hope must be postponed for a while, because the qualification round that still cannot be rolled out, due to the co-19 pandemic.


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