3 Karateka Indonesian Team Immediately Begins the Struggle Towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Sumber Gambar: sport.tempo.co

Three Indonesian Team athletes from karate, will start hunting for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. They will compete in the WKF Premier League in mid-February 2020.

The three karateka are, Cok Agung Sanistyarini’s wife (-55kg female kumite), Ahmad Zigi (said individual son), and Georgian Ceyco Sefanya Hutagalung (female -61kg kumite). The three athletes are being intensely prepared by PB FORKI to take part in four WKF Premier League 2020 series.

The four WKF Premier League series include, Karate 1-Premier League, Dubai United Arab Emirates, February 14-16, Karate 1-Premier League, Salzburg Austria, February 28 – March 1, Karate 1-Premier League Madrid, Spain, 17 April 19, and the Tokyo 2020 Qualification Tournament in Paris, France, May 8-10, 2020.

“To prepare for the WKF, we will call them February 10 at Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta,” said karate team coach Abdullah Kadir, as reported by detiksport.

Abdullah saw that the opportunity for Indonesian karateka to win tickets to Tokyo was quite large. The assessment is based on several athletes who are now in the top 20 positions in the world. Reporting from the WKF.net site, Cok Wife is now ranked 18 in the world, while Ahmad Zigi is ranked 28 in the world.

“Indeed the ranking of Cok Ibu and Ahmad Zigi is still far from the top 10. But they are quite likely because there are provisions in which each country can be represented by one karateka on the numbers contested at the Olympics. Meanwhile, one class can be one two three karate from one the country. So there are opportunities, “he explained.

Therefore, Abduh kept hope, the three karateka could at least win bronze in the world level event. Because it does have a large point weight, so it can raise their position.

“With big points, the road is increasingly open to go to Tokyo,” he said.


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