3 Indonesian Champion Record Breaker at 2018 Asian Para Games


The Team Indonesia until Friday (12/10/2018) managed to collect 123 medals at Asian Parar  Games

Games with details of 33 gold medals, 42 silver medals and 48 bronze medals. The number of medals

made Indonesia ranked 6th in the temporary standings.

What’s interesting the fact that several gold medals won by the Team Indonesia managed to break records in Asia. Reporting from Tempo.co, there were at least three Indonesian athletes who managed to break the record, all from athletics.

As known, from the Athletics sport, Indonesia managed to collect 6 Gold, 12 silver and 10 bronze. Here are three Indonesian athletes who broke the Asian record. Here’s the review.

  1. Rica Oktavia (T20 Women’s Long Jump)

Rika Octavia successfully contributed the third gold medal for Indonesia to the T20 women’s long jump number. Interestingly, Rika’s score on this number successfully recorded a new Asian record of 5.25 meters jump.

“Alhamdulillah, it can break Asian records,” Rika Oktavia said, quoted from Bisnis.com.  This record replaces the record previously held by Siti Noor Radiah Ismail, a Malaysian athlete with a jump of 5.20 meters.

Siti actually returned to compete with Oktavia on Monday October 8th, 2018. But she only managed to jump 5.18 meters and get a silver medal.


  1. Sapto Yogo Purnomo (T37 Son 100 Meter Run)

The Indonesian male athletic athlete, Sapto Yogo Purnomo, who successfully donated the gold medal in the men’s T37 100 meter run, also managed to break the Asian record in the 2018 Asian Para Games.

With a travel time of 11.49 seconds. This travel time broke the 11.51 second Asian record of Chinese runner Yongbin Lian.

In the competition held on Tuesday (10/09/2018) at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, Jakarta. He became the best after defeating Iranian athlete Davoudali Ghasemi with 11.97 seconds and Saudi Arabia’s Ali Alnakhli with a time of 12.01 seconds for the bronze medal.

“I don’t think of anything including a record. I just ran, the important thing is to be number one, “said Sapto Yogo, quoted fromribunnews.com

  1. Karisma Evi Tiarani (Running 100 meters T47 Female)

Indonesian athletes of the athletes, Karisma Evi Tiarani, won the gold medal at the women’s T42 / T63 100 meter run at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/10/2018). Evi recorded a time of 14.98, ahead of two Japanese runners.

What’s interesting from the incision, Karisma Evi managed to break the Asian record of Kaede Maegawa 16.74 seconds in 2018 at Machida City Athletic Stadium, Japan. At this Asian Para Games, Kaeda herself only received silver because it finished two seconds later than Evi, 16.89 seconds.

Meanwhile, this became the second medal won by athletes who experienced limited weakness in the left foot. Previously Evi won a silver medal in the women’s long jump number T42-44 / 61-67 on Tuesday’s race (9/10/2018).


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