3 Interesting Facts which makes Youth Olympic Different


Youth Olympic Games (YOG) or Youth Olympics, it becomes new sensation in the last eight years. Its presence since 2010, has given its own color to the development of the world sports industry, including countries like Indonesia, which in the last three years have never been absent to participate.

Then what really distinguishes the eight-year-old Teen Olympics, with similar multi-year events? Consider the following explanation, as summarized from the Xinhua news agency:


Have two versions


The teenagers’ Olympics are held every four years. First, it was held in 2010 with Singapore as its host. Uniquely, special sports parties for teenagers aged 15-18 years are divided into two. That is the Youth Summer Olympics, which Indonesia follows, and also the Winter Youth Olympics.


If Singapore hosts the first Summer Teen Olympics, then the Austrian Insburck City was the host its inaugural Winter Olympics, in 2012.


According to the organizers of the Youth Olympics, the Youth Olympic Committee (IOC), the basic idea of organizing a junior multi-event was from Austrian gentleman named Johann Rozensopf, who was concerned about the increasing number of obese children in the millennial era.


According to him, sports will be the best solution to these problems. And he also dreamed there’s a sports event like the Olympics for teenagers and children.


Include elements of culture and education

If many other sports parties, will be more focused on healthy competition towards the best achievements. But it’s different with the Youth Olympics. Quoted from the official website of the IOC, the Youth Olympics must also include elements of culture, and education.


This is considered important, as learning of the many cultures on this earth. And also keep placing children as students who are closely related to education.


Indonesia itself, in 2018, is committed to providing gold savings and education scholarships to 18 athletes participating in the Youth Olympics in Bueos Aires.


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