Car Mosque Ready to Support Team Indonesia at the Tokyo Olympics 2020


Sports achievement seems to be in line with the pride of the Indonesian people, including those who now live abroad.

One of them is shows by the people of Indonesia and the community who have concern for Indonesia who now live in Japan. In the future, the Team Indonesia can show maximum performance at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, they provide support by providing car mosque, which can be used by Indonesian athletes and officials who are Muslim.

As reported by, ahead of the Tokyo Olympics 2020, the car mosque continues to be refined, by conducting various use trials. The car will be temporarily operated around Tokyo’s Shin Urayasu Station.

“At the time of the upcoming Olympics 2020 the license plate number will be changed to 2020 according to the upcoming Olympics. We managed to obtain the license plate number of the car, “said Yasuharu Inoue, CEO of Yasu Project Co.Ltd.

The running car mosque is planned to be utilized by Indonesian athletes during a visit to the upcoming Olympics 2020.

It is planned that around 10 car mosque will be built so that many Muslims present in Tokyo and surrounding areas during the Olympics 2020 can worship comfortably near the location of their respective sporting events.

Orders for car mosque’s worth around Rp.13 billion have come from many countries, especially in the Middle East.

Even so Inoue is thinking about making it in Indonesia so that the price can be reduced as low as possible.

And that is possible after being discussed with a Japanese car CEO in Indonesia last August.

Approaching the Olympics 2020, car mosque will operate in several major activities in Japan, especially where there are many Muslims in the area.  “This car is very good as proof of our togetherness with Japanese citizens in the Muslim world. So that friendship can be created well for each other to achieve real world peace, “said a Tokyo lawmaker, Taro Shirato.

Another Tokyo member of parliament Shigeru Ishige also hopes that car mosque can be a good momentum to prove to the international community that Japan also has great attention to Muslims everywhere.

“We hope that the upcoming Olympics 2020 will be more successful with the existence of this mosque car later,” he added.


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