2 Interesting Facts on Youth Olympic Games Related with Indonesia


Summer Youth Olympic Games (YOG) or Olympic Summer for the teenagers, may not be too familiar to sports fans in the country. This is understandable indeed because until 2018 in Buenos Aires Argentina, the implementation has only entered the third time.

But apparently, there are many facts that reveal the largest multi-sport event in the world, especially for these teenagers that cannot escape Indonesia. Even the Team Indonesia achievement has not been too prominent in this event. Then, what are the facts of the summer YOG related to Indonesia?

Indonesia still participates
Ever since the execution in the first year in 2010 in Singapore, Indonesia is a contingent that always exists following this event.  The Team Indonesia at YOG 2010 was strengthened by 14 athletes competing in 7 sports.

Then in 2014 in Nanjin China, the Indonesian contingent was strengthened by 27 athletes who demonstrated strength in 10 sports. The last in 2018, Indonesia’s strength was slightly reduced. The Indonesian National Team only passed 16 athletes competing in 8 sports.

Indonesia’s journey to participate in the YOG proved that the strength of the country’s sport at the junior level can’t be underestimated. In order to join the YOG, the athletes must go through the selection first.

YOG 2018 Medal is Design by Indonesian Youth
At the Buenos Aires YOG 2018 event, as citizens of Indonesia, we should be proud. It’s because the medal that is given to the winners in the event on 6-18 October 2018, it turns out that the design results of the native Indonesian youth.

As reported by idntimes.com, Muhamad Farid Husen, 18 years old, become the first winner and his medal design will be used in the upcoming Olympics. Farid is the youngest participant in the history of the youth Olympic medal design competition which began in 2010.

Farid will be invited to the Youth Olympic 2018 event, including at the opening ceremony and will witness the first-ever presentation of the design medal.



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