Albert Papilaya and the 1992 Barcelona Olympics quarter-finals Spirit

Sumber Gambar:

Indonesian boxing has triumphed in the Olympic arena. One of them was played by Albert Papilaya at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. His name Harum is recorded as one of the three Indonesian boxers who have reached the quarter-finals at the four-yearly sports event.

At the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Albert managed to penetrate the quarter-finals, after successfully eliminating Polish boxers Robert Buda in the first round, and Makoye Isangula from Tanzania. Unfortunately, however, his actions stopped at the hands of South Korean boxer Lee Seung-Bae.

Albert Papilaya only lost points from Lee Seung-Bae. In Barcelona, ​​the referee preferred to give the South Korean boxer points rather than him. Even though Albert himself was very optimistic that he could beat his opponent.

“I already had the upper hand, but the referee gave me a warning because I hugged my opponent, even though it was the opponent who hugged me first. In the end, my points were transferred to him. So, he who won, should have won, but because of the referee, in the end. What do we want to regret. All the decisions of the referee, so we just accept it, “Albert recalled, as quoted from

Even though he hasn’t been able to present the victory, the man who is also a member of the National Police still gets great support from the boxing public in the country. Albert, who has this deadly right hand, has often stolen the attention of many people.

Even at one time, he also received an offer from one of the world’s legendary boxers Oscar De Lahoya to enter professional boxing in the United States.

“We were just friends. At that time we were the two who were offered, so we are together. He (Oscar) said just to go to America because Indonesia cannot develop, but I cannot go,” he said.

Apart from reaching the 1992 Barcelona Olympics quarter-finals, Albert Papilaya, with other national and international achievements, deserves to be a model and motivation for young boxers, especially those who are currently being trained by PB Pertina to get a ticket to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Born in Tobelo, North Maluku , 15 September 1967, Albert Papilaya, who grew up under the PPLP Maluku education, has indeed had a number of proud achievements. For example, champion PON 1985 Jakarta, Asian Junior Boxing Champion in Nepal. Also a collection of six gold and one silver from seven editions of the SEA Games.


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